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VASA has nutrition?!

As a dietitian I’m constantly asked for thoughts on specifics diets, what works best, and what doesn’t. I’m approached by different nutrition companies and programs to promote their supplements, shakes, or whatever program they’re offering, and while I usually look into their product to see what the new quick fix is, I often find that its just that, a quick fix. When I think of my dream job, I don’t want to lie and swindle someone into the next product or program that is only going to relieve their immediate wants to quickly lose weight (and likely gain it back). I chose this industry because I knew I could be at the forefront of real, lasting changes for as many people as possible, and I am so blessed to say that I work for a company that shares the same values and vision.


What direction is nutrition taking at Vasa?

When I was approached to be the liason dietitian for our partnering company, Betr Health, I was quite skeptical at first. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t want to push a nutrition program that didn’t share the same values on nutrition and health, but as I started doing my research on this company, I was very intrigued. I noticed their program was centered around real foods, education, and full accountability. As I dug in deeper and deeper, I became more and more impressed with the content of the program but even more so the value the clients were getting for the price. I could not believe that the Betr Health coaches were checking in with their clients every single day for the price they were paying.

Testing it out

It was time to put the program to the test. I had my grandma do the program. My grandma had trained with me in the past and I also lived with her for a period of time, but never had the time to really help her with her diet. Her nutrition knowledge was low and with uncontrolled blood sugars due to her type 2 diabetes, it was time for a change. She was pretty resistant at first (must run in the family ) but after completing the first phase she called me and told me she couldn’t afford not to continue. She’s now down 20 lbs, her blood sugars are a lot more regular, and she actually prefers vegetables!




Is this for me?

I am not going to lie, the Betr Health program is not necessarily easy, but is real change ever easy? Luckily you won’t fail because you have a coach  with you every single step of the way and lets face it, the program has a 98% success rate.  You will be learning and developing habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life and the reason you can do it is because you have a daily coach that won’t let you quit. The reality of all realities is: if you strictly follow any diet (keyword being diet) whether it be atkins, keto, whole 30, paleo, etc., you will see fat loss results, no doubt about it. But what happens after? This is what distinguishes one diet from another. If you follow the Betr Health program, not only will you lose body fat, but you will gain knowledge that lets you maintain your results over the long haul. Hence, not a diet, this is a lifestyle. If you are interested in doing a money back guarantee trial week, register for a free 15 minute phone consultation here http://bit.ly/VasaFitnessBetrHealthQuiz

More information – The Low Down

For more information about the Betr Health protocol, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROPVyYQ3vRE&t=4s

What to look forward to!

As far as the rest of nutrition, check back here for monthly nutrition posts and articles from me, your Vasa Dietitian! I will be working on further educating our training staff on proper nutrition practices and providing more handouts and resources to our training clients! I’m excited to be here and if you see me roaming around your gym, feel free to stop me and say hi!

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